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I first met Barry 15 years ago when I attended a seminar on financial planning. I found the evening both relaxing and informative and as a consequence I invited Barry to view my retirement plans. This he did this willingly and with humour and sound knowledge, putting both my wife at the time and myself at ease, explaining to us the various options available.

He is a man of integrity. After looking at our financial position Barry gave us sound advice, liberally interspersed with options and explained fully and clearly the implications of each. Barry has exerted no pressure at all to make a decision, I have made them all based on his suggested options, sometimes with mutually discussed compromises.

Over the years Barry has become a trusted friend and financial mentor and between us we have come up with plans that fit my changing circumstances and are profitable to me.

Warren Sapsford

If it were not for Barry Kloogh and Breathe Financial Limited, my family would not have grown our wealth. It was them who counseled us to look at where we wanted to be, and showed us how to achieve it. It was them who provided a sounding board when we were unsure, and it was them who showed us opportunities where we had only seen barriers.

Their ability to look at the big picture when we were bogged down in the details has allowed my family to invest where it was wise for us and to move along the path to financial freedom.

And quite apart from all of that – Barry and his team are true friends, caring and concerned, and providing gales of laughter when it is needed.

Christine Veltman, Sales Manager – Dunedin Central

We have had the pleasure of dealing with Barry Kloogh for the last Thirteen years. Barry has dealt with our financial and insurance needs for the entire length of time. We have recommended his services to many friends and family because he has consistently provided reliable professional services on all occasions.

Barry has always strived to provide us with cost effective choices while always taking into account our personal situations, we have the utmost faith in his delivery of all products and services that he provides. Over the years Barry’s business has changed, expanding widely and this has meant he has recruited numerous new staff that work on his behalf, we have found everyone of them a pleasure to deal with. We would not consider dealing with any other business regarding our financial plans or insurance needs because Barry’s firm never fails to provide excellent service to us.

Lynley and Michael Scott

Barry, thank you for your advice. You put the reality back into everything again, have you thought of taking up a new career in counseling? I really must get over this phobia about spending some of my hard earned cash. I can now see how everything will pan out in the future and also enjoy some of it on the way. I hope all your other clients aren’t as difficult as me!!!

Garry Porter

We highly recommend Barry Kloogh and his financial advice. We approached Barry a few years ago for assistance with our financial planning. Barry is extremely personable and shows a personal interest into what direction you need to take. He had the right questions to ask to get down to the nitty gritty of what we really wanted. Barry got us to think beyond our own limited perceptions and then set us on the course to achieve them. He assisted us in getting our debt under control and then set us on our course to build our own home, something we thought was just a pipe dream. Having just had our carpet laid in our brand new home that we built ourselves, we owe our thanks to Barry for it all. He made us believe in us, made it all possible, and helped us every step along the way. Barry helped make our wildest dreams come true.

Matthew & Kaaren Dooher