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Is There A Simple Way To Grow Your Retirement Fund FASTER Without Changing Your Lifestyle?

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It’s true…

When you think about your retirement fund, it may sap the energy right out of you. Future expenses, sickness, debt, investments, and insurance. There's a lot to think about...

No wonder Kiwi's get stressed about preparing for their retirement, but it doesn't have to be that way for you!

What’s more, the longer you wait to fix a ‘broken’ retirement plan, the harder it will be to retire with dignity.

Take the free quiz and find out your Retirement Readiness score right now. As a bonus you'll also get the Strategic Wealth Made Simple “Retirement Guide”(FREE) just for taking the quiz.

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1) What is your gender?
2) Are you married or single?
(some retirement plans are better for people who are married and some are better for those who are single)
3) What is your age?
(many retirement tools do NOT work for certain age groups, and moving from one vehicle to another as you age is essential to reaching your goal)
18-29 years
30-49 years
50-69 years
4) Which of the following retirement tools are you relying on THE MOST?
Managed funds and/or shares
Fixed interest and/or money in the bank
Property investing
5) Choose the one that most closely describes your current RETIREMENT CHOICES.
I procrastinate with my investments
I am a regular but conservative investor
I usually choose more risk as the potential is far greater
I prefer to set things up once and never have to look at them again