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Sound Financial Advice

Before seeking financial advice, you need to ask yourself what you really want and determine whether you have what you need to create that in your life.

When I begin talking to people, I help them answer that first question: what do you really want? This is a very important question and one of the hardest to understand and answer. Do you want to pay off your mortgage, understand how to budget properly to help you live more fully, or do you just want to understand what kind of financial services are best for you and your family?

So we need to spend some time here in really discovering what sort of things that you want to do over the period of your life. And, of course, those things will change from time to time.

Financial advice from any qualified source should also include this questions: What should your life look like at this stage? For instance, there might be some things that you want to achieve in the next few years. Or there could be things that you want to achieve in ten years time or beyond. Do you want to go to school, start a career, buy a new house, start a family, open a business, plan for retirement, or travel?

One of the key areas here in discovering goals—discovering the things that you want to achieve—is to think about if you had all the money that you really needed and wanted, what would you do? What things would you want to achieve and how would you go about your life as if you had that money right now?

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