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Be Focused Entirely on Your Life, Your Dreams, and Your Financial Plan.

We realize there are financial advisors or financial planners who merely recommend financial products for large commissions. There may be others who only want to work with you if you have seven figures or more in assets for their wealth management division.

Breathe Financial is different. We are Authorised Financial Advisors and our advice puts the focus where it belongs – on your goals, on your life, and on your financial plan!

We are unbiased and New Zealand owned. We have no hidden corporate agenda or sales quotas influencing the financial advice we offer.

At Breathe Financial you will never experience sales pressure – only a genuine concern for and commitment to your financial success!

Beyond investment management. A holistic approach to financial advice.

We understand that every person, every couple, every family has different needs and different goals. Our holistic approach to financial planning goes beyond investments and insurance to include suggestions to improve your budget and cash flows, mortgage, debt management, insurance, real estate, superannuation, and more - perhaps even suggestions regarding your career and business. Your financial life is about so much more than investments – and so are we! A holistic, big picture approach that is focused on you and your goals. This is the Breathe Financial difference!

Let’s start planning!

If you are seeking a financial advisor who can help you make sense out of your complex financial life – an advisor who is more interested in your goals than his next commission, then our Fee Based Financial Service is exactly what you need! So take your time, explore our website, then give us a call or email us to setup a free consultation. During that consultation, I guarantee I can show you how to save money, or we part friends and I'll even give you a copy of my latest book so you'll never be left in the dark.

No heavy handed sales pitch. No slick corporate presentations. Just a frank discussion about your financial situation and how our fee-based service and advice can help you achieve the future you desire for you and your family!

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