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How to Reduce your Mortgage Payments in New Zealand

Mortgage rates in New Zealand (we’re specifically talking about Dunedin) continue to fall, so this may be the perfect time to reduce your mortgage payments by extending your loan. However, many homeowners are unaware as to how they are affected by the present financial climate in the country, and so they are liable to miss […]

How To Pay Off A Mortgage On A Budget

  As anyone who’s ever tried to pay off their mortgage faster, or used their mortgage to pay down other debt can attest, becoming mortgage free can be tough! That said, your mortgage is the best investment you can make… literally. Here’s why… A major study by Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies found […]

What’s The Best Mortgage?

Interested in paying off your mortgage loan sooner? For many borrowers, the problem is having a long-term mortgage, for which they pay huge amounts of interest to banking institutions. >>> However, with Barry Kloogh’s Debt Breaker software, mortgagees can pay off their debt in only a few years! Many systems currently on the market have […]