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We earn money, we spend money and we save money - we pay taxes and live. Most people are looking for a way to manage money better.

Get out of debt fast
The longer you take to pay off debt, the more it will cost, using DebtBreaker you can

-  Monitor your budget to maximise your debt repayments
-  Work out which debts should be paid off first.
- Pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first, such as credit cards or hire purchase.
-  Or... work with our team to consolidate your debts and pay off your mortgage.

It usually makes financial sense to put cash towards reducing your mortgage rather than into a savings scheme. The main exception to this rule is KiwiSaver because of the incentives it offers.

Are you having trouble repaying your debts?
If you’re having trouble paying back your debts you can work with our DebtBreaker team at your monthly reviews to identify ways to meet your commitments.

Work toward your goals
DebtBreaker allows you to track toward your goals and avoid the temptation to keep spending and get further into debt.

Restructuring or switching lenders
Our team can help you change the structure of your mortgage to save you money. You might switch some or your entire loan to a floating rate or take your mortgage to another lender. Please note that restructuring your own mortgage with your provider is our preferred option

Insuring your mortgage
Talk to our team about mortgage protection insurance.

-  Bought as life cover it pays out enough on your death to cover the amount of your mortgage.
-  Bought as mortgage repayment insurance it will cover regular mortgage repayments if you can’t work because of illness or accident.